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Site Of the Moment: Soul Deep

BJd doll stories, crafting, sewing and selling.

Ball-Jointed Dolls for Beginners
Exclusive online content for readers of the new book, Ball-Jointed Dolls for Beginners, by dedicated Peak's Woods doll fan Alison Rasmussen, edited by Melissa Metheney.
In: 115 Out: 37
Catching Fireflies - a BJD, art and fashion blog
Catching Fireflies is a blog dedicated to ball-jointed dolls, fashion and art.
In: 90 Out: 23
Dear Resin
Dear Resin: A BJD Blog
In: 66 Out: 32
Penguin Kisses
A blog dedicated to ball-jointed dolls.
In: 59 Out: 42
Tjassi || Resin wonderland
5 A personal bjd blog where I post photos of my dolls and babble about my characters. In: 55 Out: 31
Mostly One Of A Kind
Handmade clothes for 1/3 sized AOD, along with wigs and some accessories. Antique dolls recreated, new ones reinvented and some big girl stuff - jewelry, scarves, artwork.
In: 15 Out: 26
MegannArt: Art and Curious Crafts
A variety of arts and crafts, but heavily geared toward dolls and repurposing. I love dolls and love chatting about dolls!
In: 7 Out: 22
Guppy Kisses BJD Clothing and More
Guppy Kisses specializes in casual clothing for your BJD ball jointed doll. We feature clothes designs for MSD BJDs including Minifee, SD and YO SD
In: 7 Out: 28
Soul Deep
BJd doll stories, crafting, sewing and selling.
In: 5 Out: 25
My Dolly Adventures
10 Blog about my adventures sewing and crafting costumes and outfits for my BJDs. Also, some other things about the hobby. In: 4 Out: 25
Seeing it Creative
11 A fun Blog with dollie news, pictures and tutorials In: 0 Out: 18
Minerva's Web
12 The tales of the exiled Faerie Princess of the Kingdom of Arachnia and the mortal minion, uh changeling, er, human that she befriends upon her arrival in the mortal realm. (Said Princess and her many In: 0 Out: 20
Dolls Behaving Badly
13 This is a blog for my dolls and their activities. In: 0 Out: 31
Xanadu Dolls
14 Gorgeous garments for BJD's, tutorials & general BJD chatter about my dolls. :) In: 0 Out: 20
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